Address: Pavillion 2 L. 07 & Pavillion 3 L. 08
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Food & Beverages

Brewerkz Jakarta is a restaurant, bar and microbrewery franchise brought from Singapore. Open since 1997, the concept specializes in classic American styled food and award winning handcrafted beers and has created more than 50 different seasonal brews over its history. The beer styles range from the light and refreshing Golden Ale to a full-bodied award winning XIPA and a dark and hearty Oatmeal Stout.

The design of all Brewerkz restaurants are creative with attractive designs that exude a sporty, masculine and industrial feel. Guests can engage in conversation with a pint in hand along corrugated zinc decked bars. For that industrial loft feel, colors of blue and grey or silver are used extensively throughout the premises. Finally, to ensure an inviting environment and relaxing atmosphere, wood and appropriate mood lighting are added. Don’t miss out exclusive sports memorabilia, merchandise and beer posters adorned on the walls!

It has been known that Brewerkz is a get together destination especially for sports. Provided with big screen projector, Bose sound system and TVs in almost every corner makes Brewerkz able to house sporting event for all major games such as NBA, World Cup and NFL just to name a few. All those facilities also make Brewerkz the best environment to held any other events such as Corporate Gathering, Press Conference, Product Launching, Music Event and so on.

Brewerkz is committed to making high quality craft beer that embodies the spirit and flavour of traditional brewing. Since 2004 Brewerkz has received an impressive number of awards: eight Australian Beer awards, three Singapore Asia Beer awards, and most impressively a World Beer Cup medal for best English Style IPA.