Q Billiard

Q Billiard
Address: Pavillion 1 L. 06
Open Hours: 10:00 - 22:00

Q Billiard

Retail & Entertainment

Q Billiard is the first and only billiard center in Indonesia equipped with Brunswick Tables aimed at providing “Grade A” facilities and committed to delivering all the best for its target market.

Q Billiard is here to provide entertainment options that are new and different. Armed with information about the growth of Jakarta’s love of the billiard game, Q Billiards wants to provide a fun and elegant meeting point for young people, young executives and young adult to have fun with friends, family and colleagues. This also makes Q Billiard the perfect place for corporate to do team binding exercise and company gathering in a less formal environment.

In addition to a venue for sports, in Q Billiard there is also a Bar that provides a refreshing drink collection for cocktail and mocktail lovers creatively curated by the bartenders at Q Billiard. In addition to Q-drinks, Q Billiard also sells various types of alcoholic beverages such as Vodka, Whiskey, Wine and many more.

To add comfortable and fun entertainment options, Q Billiard also provides LED TVs equipped with PlayStation 4 that has been using sensor move on each unit. “Lazy Boy” chairs are available in each PlayStation unit at Q Billiard to provide extra comfort and a cozy atmosphere for every Q guest who uses them.